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‘Jedi’ religion most popular alternative faith – Telegraph

So the decline in religion includes the Jedi. I’m not sure if that is “heartening” news or not. It does affirm one of my deeply held convictions: Many people develop their religious views by “osmosis” and movies and television are one of their primary sources.

You may not be an actual Jedi but perhaps you are a functioning Jedi? Things to think about, things to drive you back to reading scripture and finding out Who God says He is rather than letting Steven Spielberg and George Lucas and perhaps Oprah tell you what you believe.

'Jedi' religion most popular alternative faith – Telegraph.

Luke The Gospel in Action Part 2: Brave New Order

The Gospel of Luke continues:
luke the Gospel in Action 2 Brave New Order

Luke the Gospel in Action – New Sermon Series

A new sermon with admittedly a fairly significant error. For years I have used a liturgical calendar for my worship planning. I did away with it this year. Also most years Advent begins on the last Sunday in November. Coming off of a week of vacation I panicked and thought I’d forgotten Advent – so looks like Advent is 5 Sundays this year or we are practicing the first Sunday of Advent A and B this year. Oh well here is the first sermon of a series in the Book of Luke with some early comments on Advent – just grinning and counting on Grace here.
Luke The Gospel in Action Introduction

A Day of Small Things – Zechariah 4:10

A Day of Small Things Zech 4_10

Romans 8 Who Can Be Against Us?

Romans 8_32 Who Can Be Against Us

Final sermon in the Romans 8 series! Yes I finished up early. Still it was a great study and I know I was personally enriched by the study and hope you were as well.

Bill Crawford

VBS – All Things Are Possible With God

We had a great time this week learning to “Trust God” here are a few fun photos. Next week I should have my sermon on Romans 6 and 7 and then we will begin with eight sermons from Romans 8 – can’t wait!  (groan)”

Below are a series of photos with one duplicate:  First is the whole family then the fun at VBS that some of us had (these photos did not include my wife and daughter so I just threw in the family photo)!  Remember Romans 8:38 – “I am convinced that nothing can separate me from the love of God in Christ Jesus!”

NOW! Final sermon in the Almost, Not Yet, and Now series

There is a Now – that which is right now and that which we yearn to be Right Now!


Now Revelation 5 (and much more)