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Believe 18: Giving My Time

OK when you edit a sermon while preaching you sometimes miss some pretty big transitions so for the close listeners out there – Yes I read from Haggai then I started talking about Nehemiah.  I cut a section of the sermon out and didn’t explain what happened.  So in Haggai they started the project and quit – because their work was divided from their personal lives unlike the work in Nehemiah.  In either case we are always part of a bigger story – one that we don’t always see or understand.  Our calling in either case is to keep doing what we’ve been called to do.  Hope you enjoy this sermon which could also have been called:  Are you a Prophet or a Sailor?


Week 17 Spiritual Gifts

More of a teaching than a preaching moment but critical to the life of the Church!

Believe week 15: Total Surrender

I find myself gnawing on this topic quite a bit.  Surrender, What does it mean?  I think sometimes we make it so complex, so difficult that we can’t (don’t have to) embrace it.  But the surrendered life has actually been led by millions over the millenia.  It’s time that we realize that the ordinary life itself can be extra ordinary – in fact it must.