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Psalms of Jesus 3: Jesus in the Middle (Sort of)

This week’s reflection again launches out of Hebrews Chapter 1 into the Psalms then Adds Hebrews Chapter 2 and the book of Revelation:



Psalms of Jesus 2: The Throne of God

Another sermon launching into the Psalms from Hebrews 1.

Psalms of Jesus 1

Hebrews chapter 1 is an interesting collection of quotes from the book of Psalms.  I am using it as a guidebook to my advent series the “Psalms of Jesus”.  Maybe more appropriately called a three week series on Hebrews Chapter 1 but very Psalms heavy.


This week Jesus:  The Son of God

Jacked Up People and God’s Grace (my title)

We were blessed to have our good friend Earl Williams and his wife Sombra in this week.   I’m not sure what Earl’s title for his sermon was but I’ve given it one.  I hope you enjoy it.  If you too are “jacked up” you will love it!


Luke the Gospel in Action 12:35 Watching and Waiting

What should the Church be doing?  As a Christian what are my primary responsibilities?  These questions are approached in Luke 12:35 and following.