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Thursday Morning Quarterback- Not a Fan week 3

Continuing the series of sermons inspired by Kyle Idleman and his work with a sermon on intimacy. Listen:

not a fan week 3

Thursday Morning Quarterback

Sunday’s Sermon based upon Kyle Idlemen’s Not a Fan series.

not a fan week 2

Fan or Follower?

So we are working on the study, “Not a Fan” by Kyle Idleman. It’s pretty good stuff. And today’s devotion asks us to define the words Devotion and Admiration. Then it asks the question which do you actually feel towards Jesus.

See we make all kinds of assertions about our love of Jesus but our lives just don’t prove it. To me devotion is personal, focused, and passionate whereas admiration is distant, general, and dispassionate.

How do you see it?

Thursday Morning Quarterback

Thursday Morning Quarterback – Just doesn’t have the same ring. But here is Sunday’s sermon based upon the series Not a Fan by Kyle Idleman:

not a fan 1

Not A Fan Sunday #1

We’re going to be taking up the “Not a Fan” study this week. Rolling it out in the Message and small groups – going to be, challenging, and empowering all at once. I can’t wait.

Jesus really didn’t come and maintain large crowds. The more seriously he explained his message the more seriously his followers had problems with it. It does make you wonder about how we validate our own lives. We look at our health, our wealth, our family, and from these we define our success. God seems to use a much different measure.

Honestly, this should scare us.

See you Sunday!

PS: Monday morning quarterback will be moving to Tuesday as I now will be taking Mondays off. Change – it happens.