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Good News No Matter What

The world is full of half truths and distractions but there is one truth that will carry us always – God wins.

Paul’s Story

We each have a part in the story.  Paul’s is one that shapes much of Church history.

New Beginnings

Really good worship is awesome but it can’t be all we do.  Really good counseling is healing but it doesn’t solve all our problems.  We have to get out and do the work of the Church to be wholly who we are meant to be.  It’s not earning God’s love it’s about fulfilling our purpose – its a new beginning!

The Crucifixion

The Crucifixion

Trying to grasp the gravity of God’s action on the Cross is very difficult.

Who is Jesus?

Jesus and the Kingdom of God

The Birth of the King

The Story week 22:  Birth of the King

Esther: The Roll of the Dice

Innocent gambling?

Daniel and His Amazing Friends