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No King but King Jesus

Again this series is part of a Church wide curriculum package so you may have actually heard similar sermons somewhere.  The outline is not my own.  But the theological concerns, biblical study, and conclusions are all very much my work with the scriptures.  All that said this is a very timely message in the life of our country.

Messages to the Northern Kingdom – Dr. Chad Young

The Divided Kingdom

Fist a man, then a wife, a family, 12 tribes, and eventually a kingdom.  All ripped asunder by sin:

Solomon’s Story

David’s Pivot

Well the sound crew missed one, and then I was traveling a lot but we got this week – Jump ahead to the most unusual VBS Sunday sermon – David and Bathsheba!


The Ten Commandments: Outline (sorry did not record)

“The Ten Commandments”

Introduction: A little 5 year old girl was having a troubled-filled day, arguing back and forth with her mother. Finally, her mother in exasperation said, “Jenny, I want you to sit in the corner right now! And don’t you get up until I tell you to!” Little Jenny went over to the corner and sat down a few minutes, and as she thought about it, she yelled out to her mother, “Mom, I’m sitting down on the outside, but I am standing up on the inside! Is that okay?” Everyone of us has a “I’m-standing-up-on-the-inside” nature. Everyone of us wants to buck authority and resist the rules. That is why we have trouble with the Ten Commandments. We view God as a Judge and a cosmic killjoy. When we think of the Ten Commandments we probably think next of Charlton Heston. In this sermon I hope we see the
Ten Commandments in an entirely new way.

[read Exodus 19:1 and do a brief review. God revealed himself as “I am that I am” and with mighty power brought the new nation out of Egyptian slavery into
freedom. God’s plan is to be with us. God wants to be with his people.]

Main Idea: The Big Idea of the whole Story is God’s declaration, “I want to come down and dwell with you.” God continues to say in effect, “For me to live with you, three things must be worked out.”

I. God gives guidelines for how we treat God and each other. Exodus 20:1-7
The Ten Commandments

A. God wants a community of love that reflects the relationships of the Trinity.

B. The Ten Commandments shape the community of love.

1. Commandments 1-4 guide how we treat God.
Vertical relationship [briefly state each command]

2. Commandments 5-10 guide how we treat other people.
Horizontal relationships [briefly state each command]

C. Our sin nature resists God’s guidelines.

1. While Moses was away getting the 10 Commandments Aaron built a golden calf and the people worshiped it.

2. God will not be with rebellious people. Moses interceded so that God would not wipe out his rebellious people. Exodus 32:22-23
II. God desires a place to dwell among us. Exodus 25
The Tabernacle

A. God gave specific directions for the making of the Tabernacle.
Exodus 25:8-9

1. God would dwell in the “Most Holy Place” and no one could
see God’s face.

2. Only the High Priest could enter the Most Holy Place once a year on behalf of the people.

B. The Tabernacle was portable tent. God would guide his people with a
moving cloud during the day and by a column of fire at night.

III. God requires that sin be atoned for (covered) by shedding of blood.
The Book of Leviticus

A. The sin nature is the main thing that keeps us separated from God. Each one of us has a sin nature. Sin must be dealt with, covered, atoned for.

B. The sacrificing of animals becomes institutionalized in the priestly sacrificial system so that sin could be constantly atoned for (covered).

C. The new nation needed their sins covered so that God could dwell with them. The rebellion of the golden calf, the intercession of Moses, and
the gracious forgiveness of God made it possible for God to dwell with his people. Exodus 33:14-16, see summary on page 56 of The Story.

The Story Weak 5: Deliverance

The Story Week 3: From Slave to Deputy Pharaoh

It’s one of the most powerful stories in the bible and like few others puts on clear display how God works through evil to do good.  Its the story of a young arrogant boy name Joseph who becomes the second most powerful man on earth but it’s still God’s story:

The Story Week 2: God Builds a Nation