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NOW! Final sermon in the Almost, Not Yet, and Now series

There is a Now – that which is right now and that which we yearn to be Right Now!


Now Revelation 5 (and much more)

Sermon 1 in the series 1 Kings 18 “Almost”

Going back and trying to reassemble the sermon series now:


1 kings 18 almost

Sermon: First Kings 19 “Not Yet: Not Even Close”

Sorry for delays in posting but my sound files would not post for several weeks but today they started working again!

:first kings 19 Not Yet

Little Things that Mean Alot

Yesterday after a long day of travel I returned to my desk to find a little present.  Two vanilla tootsie rolls (the only kind I like).  It was meaningful.  I suspect my wife although there are other potential culprits.  A couple of weeks ago I returned from a trip and found a bottle of water and oil from Israel on my desk.  Very practical and meaningful at the same time.  Little things that mean a great deal.  Scripture says “Do not despise a day of small things.”  I think we could all find a little inspiration to something even something little for someone else today.



Back with a Bang: Sermon “Almost”

I had a great time on retreat with Together for the Gospel and then on the road to visit family and a Presbytery meeting but I have the first two sermons inspired by Together for the Gospel (feel free to listen to the inspiration here)
The first two messages were inspired by the word from Ligon Duncan I pray God is honored and Ligon would not be offended.

first kings 19 Not Yet test