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Worship: Redeeming the Season pt 2 -Yet, not Yet

Still working on the live streaming at H.A. Williams on Facebook but getting better!

I Am A Church Member pt 6

I am A church member pt 4

Not sure how I missed this one!


Micah 5

Sorry for the sound issues.  My Lapel mic is broken, I can’t stand at the pulpit the whole time…. 😉

Micah 4

Micah 3: The Whole Worship

thanks again to H.A Williams for his videography


The Whole Worship: Micah 2

Maybe I should cut Drew Brees a little more slack see the analysis below this worship service:

I’m not endorsing the Hayride but they have the videos of Drew Brees so you can judge for yourselves.

Drew Brees Goes From Saint To Martyr In Liberal Media Hit Job

Unfortunately the word accept has replaced the word tolerate in the American lexicon.  Christians should indeed love their Lord, love their neighbors, and they should tolerate everyone.  But you cannot accept everyone in the sense that you endorse their beliefs.  Maybe I’m shaving the words of Drew Brees too close.  But he follows up with this one: