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1 Peter 3:1 Husbands and Wives

1 Peter 2_18-25 He Who Judges Justly

1Peter 11-17 The War on Your Soul

1 Peter 2:1-10 Therefore

1 Peter 1:16 Prepare Your Minds

I failed to record the last two in the series fortunately this one opens up with a summary statement!

1 Peter 1 – Pilgrims, Strangers, Aliens

Find the word that fits you this text reminds us we are supposed to feel strange in this world.  If you belong to God you will feel stranger still as you try to embrace this world.

The Plan 2017: Generation to Generation

This message also subtitled “Are we extremists?” grapples with the issue of sharing the faith today.  Are we in a unique point of history?  Many fear this is the generation of Americans who will “leave the Church”.  What if we never had them?  So many questions but the plan – what is the plan?  listen on.