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Romans 8 Who Can Be Against Us?

Romans 8_32 Who Can Be Against Us

Final sermon in the Romans 8 series! Yes I finished up early. Still it was a great study and I know I was personally enriched by the study and hope you were as well.

Bill Crawford

Romans 8:26-31 If God is For Us

Well another hurricane and another opportunity to trust God and grow in faith. Also another opportunity to see God order the preaching of His word. Sermons planned month in advance just keep matching real life needs. Amen!

Romans 8_26thru31 If God is For Us

Romans 8:18-25 Eager Expectation

Didn’t get this taped live so I reproduced it today. Hope the Lord uses this word to encourage someone today:

Romans 8_18thru25 Eager Expectation

Being a Child of God Romans 8:14-17

Romans 8 is proving to be fertile ground for growth as we hear from God’s word:

Romans 8_14thru17 Children of God

Romans 8: 5-15 Shaped by the Father

Romans 8_5thru15 Shaped by the Father

Romans 8:1-4 No Condemnation

Fire the sound man (me). I lost the last two sermon files at the MP3 recorder but here is my opening sermon of eight on Romans Chapter 8:

Romans 8 1 thru 4 No Condemnation