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1 Peter 1 – Pilgrims, Strangers, Aliens

Find the word that fits you this text reminds us we are supposed to feel strange in this world.  If you belong to God you will feel stranger still as you try to embrace this world.

The Plan 2017: Generation to Generation

This message also subtitled “Are we extremists?” grapples with the issue of sharing the faith today.  Are we in a unique point of history?  Many fear this is the generation of Americans who will “leave the Church”.  What if we never had them?  So many questions but the plan – what is the plan?  listen on.


John 18:1 Arresting and Denying Jesus

John 17 Connections: Prayer

Our daily connection to God is the act of prayer

John 16:17 Connections: Grief into Joy

Life is a challenge.  Jesus was not blind to the harsh realities of life, yet he promised his disciples (and I believe us) that grief would turn to Joy.  Our Joy is complete in him alone.


John 14-16 Connections: The Holy Spirit

In which I jump back and forth through several chapters of the Bible!

Gospel of John 15:1 Deepening Conections