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Luke the Gospel in Action 7: God and His Boy

Luke the Gospel in Action 7 God and His Boy

Luke the Gospel in Action 6: Necessary Days

Another office production but the content is the same. “Necessary Days” is a phrase I picked up in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous I have no idea of its source and do not mean to steal anyone else’s ideas – frankly there is nothing new under the sun!

Hope you enjoy this message.Luke the Gospel in Action 6 Necessary Days

Luke the Gospel in Action Part 5: Birth

Continuing the series in Luke at Chapter 2. An intriguing passage if you read through the mundane. A hectic week with illnesses from various could and flu may have obscured the sermon some so a summary:

God’s sovereign will is so incredibly powerful that:
Despite Joseph being the descendant of a fallen royal line
Despite Mary being an unwed mother (more about this below)
Despite the two of them being moved around at the will of a Pagan Ruler
God’s will is worked out exactly as prophesied hundreds of years in advance.

Amazing stuff.

Note: Mary is named Betrothed in Luke chapter 2. And although in Jewish culture a Betrothal will absolutely lead to a marriage they are not simultaneous events. So Although Matthew states that Joseph took Mary to be his wife it does not spell out the timeline nor the process. There is some dispute about this my conclusions are my own.