In all things Christians need to find the ability to thank God. I find myself amazed by the evolution of this blog. Years ago it was created to provide a discussion point for a crisis in our former denomination. In specific I felt there was a missing voice in the debates centered around biblical integrity in the PC(USA).

Later as the debate transitioned it became a point of arguing for leaving that denomination and forming a new one.

Today I find myself happily entrenched in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church.

Today the blog is merely an avenue to share the sermons that God has inspired here in my small congregational setting. There is really no ego in posting these. I expected to have a couple of members a week stop by to get the message they missed or listen to a favorite sermon. I feel it is a tremendous surprise that there are a dozen followers and another dozen regular listeners. Many would feel that is not worth the effort but it far exceeds my expectations.

My message is simple – without Christ we are nothing. If you are a Christian you must worship God, follow Christ, and pursue your calling in the world. If this resonates with you then I believe the simple sermons on this site will resonate with you life by the power of the Holy Spirit.

If this blog helps anyone then thanks be to God for it is all to His Glory.

God bless you!
The Bayou Christian

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