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Jesu Jesu of Man’s Desiring – like you’ve never heard it before

Luke the Gospel in Action 12:22 Your Work and the Sovereignty of God pt 2

It’s been called the “Sermon on the Amount” but this annual stewardship tied in nicely with Jesus’ sermon on “Do Not Worry”.  Hope you enjoy and consider your giving to God too!

Luke the Gospel in Action 12:13 Your Work and the Sovereignty of God

I had a good time with this one.  Starting out with scripture I found myself pondering an old problem raised by this report:  John Stossel

So how do we address our work, with out greed, with our giving?  This sermon attempts to address those issues:



I Love – Living Water International

Home | Living Water International.


Living Water International is such a wonderful, simple approach to sharing God’s love.  I’m excited about our congregation’s engagement with them.  We are challenging our members to consider direct gifts to Living Water and this weekend we will be raising awareness for it in our community.


If you are a local reader please come to First Presbyterian Saturday to either park cars or park your car, serve God, and/or make a donation to Living Water.  Thibodeauxville is going on and is a wonderful local festival with music, food, crafts, and much more!  Hope to see you there.

Church is located at:

522 Green St. Thibodaux, La 70301

Luke the Gospel in Action 12:1-12 Warnings