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Acts 28 Conclusion

Acts 27 Shipwrecked

Acts 22-26: To Jerusalem and Death pt 2

A sermon also known as “Muddling Along Under the Sovereignty of God” Where the preacher covers more chapters of the Bible than in any other sermon in 20 years of preaching!  Come and join the fun!

Acts 21: To Jerusalem and Death – Concurrence

Acts 20: The Church


Didn’t get the audio this week so I had to recreate and I chose to experiment.  A little whistling of the heater, a little echo, but not awful!  That being said – the Church, even down to the mundane details, is an amazing work of God!  Think of it an institution that has survived for thousands of years – amazing.

Acts 17 A Thinking Faith

Acts Chapter 11: A Sermon with No Title

Yep it took 17 years but I just didn’t feel compelled to give it a title.  And the earth shook…. It’s still the word of God!

Acts 10 In Your Face

Acts 9:20 At Once

Acts 9 Paul’s Conversion