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Argghh – Sound Crew Failure

Well it looks like the sound crew failed to check the batteries on my recording device.  The whole team is under review and may be sacked.  Of course the whole team is me and since I’m the supervisor I’ll likely give them another chance.  Sorry no sermon this week.  You will just have to take my word for it – it was one of the greatest messages of humility ever preached!  hhhmmm – ok maybe not.  Have a great day!

Westminster Confession Week 14: Final Things

We wrap up a discussion of the Westminster Confession with the “Bad News” that leads to the “Good News”!

Luke the Gospel in Action 11:1 the Lord’s Prayer

Westminster Confession Week 13 – Final Judgment, Hell, Salvation

A week for many questions, much interaction, and some speculative Theology.  Please listen carefully for how often I qualify my answers and explanations.  There is so much speculative theology out there that is taught as if it is fact.  I am sure some of my thoughts can be corrected (I say so) but I’m also sure that many “answers” are confident speculation.  That being said I hope this lesson will spur on personal thought, meditation, and study.


Westminster Confession 12 – Various Issues

Another missing week sorry!  Week 11 The Church is no longer in my files.  May have to come back to that one since it’s such an important doctrine.

However, this lesson on other issues is a good one.

Luke the Gospel in Action 10: 25 What Shall I Do?

And we keep finding other questions to ask….

Westminster Confession Week 10 – The Law and Freedom.


You may need a copy of the book of confessions to make sense of this study it can be found here

Westminster Confession Week 9: Works, Perseverance, and Assurance of Pardon

The real meat and potatoes of the Reformed Tradition.  How do you know you are saved?  What merit does your good works bring to God?  Can you lose your salvation?  All these are centered in the absolute Sovereign Grace of God.  Not in your weak and temporary choices!  

Luke the Gospel in Action Ch 9: 46 – The Problem with the Church….