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Crash Course in Church History Continued

Taught these many years ago. There’s a good bit of overlap but hope they are edifying.

Sermon Luke the Gospel in Action 8:21 Go and Tell What God Has Done

Christians all have a calling it’s simple:

LUke the Gospel in Action 8_21 Go and Tell What God Has Done

A Crash Course in Church History

This is the audio of an old lesson that was a “prequel” to a series on the Westminster Confession of Faith. Thought I’d upload it here for those new members who had not heard it yet. A few points I’d like to make here – I’m not a professor I make mistakes in my presentations, also towards the end I ran out of time and made a few points “inelegantly” so let me clarify here.

This wound up being a Church History Class with a little bit on the actual reformation itself but still it was a fun class to teach. I hope it will provide some edification to those who listen to it.
I was pointing out that in Church history there is not some point at which the Church was perfect. The Reformers did not have a “perfect point in history” to shoot for instead they were very truly trying to get back to the third century where at least the doctrine of the Church was clear and codified. Many point to the “First Century Church” as some form of perfect moment in history but this is not reflected in Scripture such as: “You foolish Galatians who has bewitched you?”
Introduction to the Reformationreformatted

Luke 7:26 All or Nothing Moments of Faith

A sermon about those moments in life where we go for it:
Luke 7_26 All or Nothing Moments

Another Great Sermon by Earl Williams

Earl Williams is an AME church pastor who fills in from time to time – great sermons!

earl williams june 1.0