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A follow up to John 8:31

For those that are only listening here online.  This sermon will not make much sense.  I actually deleted the controversial sentence from my online version of the original sermon.  But this survey of the Love of God and other issues that sentence raised; was so valuable (In my humble opinion as it is based upon God’s word) and needs be available to others who heard the first live, that I feel compelled to place this sermon here.  It also provides a window into the preaching event and how seriously those who handle the Word of God must take their task.  With these things in mind here it is a follow up sermon that is longer than the original!

John 8:31 Faith and Freedom (Abiding in Christ’s Teachings)

The word is rich.

John 8:12 Jesus is the Light of the World


So much to grapple with in this text and I had to cut things short to leave and preach at another church.  The article referenced can be read here.

John 8: 1-11 Adultery

Oh it applies to you.  If you breath this text applies to you.