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The Gospel of John 1:1 In the Beginning

The divinity of Christ on clear display in this majestic beginning of John’s Gospel.

Grace is a Gift That Someone Paid For

Paul’s Story

We each have a part in the story. ┬áPaul’s is one that shapes much of Church history.

Esther: The Roll of the Dice

Innocent gambling?

Solomon’s Story

Luke the Gospel in Action 4:1-13 Led, Driven, Full

Sorry for any confusion I’ve stopped numbering the series and I am just putting the Scripture references!

Two more to upload this week and I will be caught up – To God be the Glory!Luke the Gospel in Action 4_1thru13_Led Driven Full

Luke the Gospel in Action Part 3: Magnifying God

Luke the Gospel in Action 3 Magnifying God

I had to recreate this message in the office. Just not the same as live preaching but I hope it is edifying anyway! Time to look at how is it that we (humans) are made to magnify the infinite?