Supreme Court Ruling

I have a particular attachment to this case. 10 years ago I was traveling to speak to the folks at Carrolton Church about the status of the denomination. I was rear ended and didn’t make it that day. Later I had another painful experience. I had to tell them that as far as the PC(USA) was concerned they did not own their own property. That the PC(USA) had made claim to their property, therefore, leaving the denomination would be more complicated than they ever imagined.

Well I certainly had no idea! In my ignorance I spoke more truth that day than I knew. I was wrong that we could reform our once great denomination. But I am glad that we made a faithful effort. Now I’m so glad that the congregation I serve has made the transition to the EPC and although the path Carrolton has journeyed has been hard I believe it will serve the rest of the Church well. At least in Louisiana we have a clear legal precedence.

Our former denomination needs to stop holding congregations hostage and allow them to pursue their God directed paths.

The Layman Online.

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