A Brief Commercial Break

To my friends grappling with the needs of a fragmented PC(USA). There is a developing tool for those who are looking for Pastors and Calls in this age of finding ourselves scattered over several denominations/associations with no central hub for search processes.
I hope PNC’s and Pastors alike would begin to sign up and utilize this new tool from the Layman:
A new website has been launched, seeking to assist evangelicals seeking a call, and to match them with evangelical churches seeking a minister.

“Pastor Call: Someone you can call …” can be found at http://www.pastorcall.org.

The subscription-based website is designed to give “individuals and groups the confidence that when they find a match, that the person or group found will have the same traditions and that there will be no surprises.”

Geared toward the Presbyterian Church (USA), the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC), ECO: A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians and the United Church of Christ (UCC), the website states that “in the midst of great transition among these denominations, our hope is to facilitate connections.”

“Our doors are open to assist any and all orthodox reformed conservatives in the PCUSA, EPC, ECO and UCC.”

Membership for the website is $30 for six months for an individual; and $60 for six months for an institution (church or PNC). The fees cover the costs of maintaining the website and payments are made through PayPal.

Full article can be found here: http://layman.org/news.aspx?article=30350

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