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What Is The Blessing Life?

The Blessing Life is first of all a devotional shared at First Presbyterian Church of Baton Rouge last year during Lent. Secondly it is an as yet unpublished book authored by Rev. Gerrit Dawson of First Presbyterian of Baton Rouge. A dear friend and deep thinker who loves God and the Church. So let me begin by quoting Gerrit:

“A blessing is not simply what you say before a meal or after someone sneezes. A “real blessing” is no just having everything work out the way we want it. And blessing is certainly not to be defined merely by how cool the stuff is that comes to us. Of course all those things are part of the true meaning of blessing. But they are merely ripples on the surface of the deep ocean of God’s blessing to us, indeed to the whole world, in Christ Jesus.”

Or as I summarize it – “Jesus is the most important person you can know”. The incarnation is the blessing of God the question for us all is “Are you experiencing the incarnation as a personal blessing?”

Sunday the 15th we will begin to open the doors to the Blessing Life and we will be sneaking some peeks over the next 10 days.

May you truly be blessed.


Pastor of First Presbyterian Church (Houma/Thibodaux) Husband to Julia Father of three Owner of one dog - "Val" Child of God and loving it!

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