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Christian Living: Fruit of the Spirit 1

An introduction to the Fruit of the Spirit starting with background material at Galatians 5:1

Happy New Years: Luke the Gospel in Action 12:49 Peace on Earth Division to Men?

Folks enjoyed this sermon.  Hope you do too

40 Days of Blessing – Introductory Sermon

Here is the sermon from our introduction to the 40 Days of Blessing:

Introduction Message: 40 Days of Blessing

Monday Morning Quarterback (what I meant to say was…):

I meant to say (early in the message) – “That the Reformation was a transition from a theology of “Works Righteousness” – to a theology of dependence on Grace”. What I actually said was nearly the exact opposite. I will depend on God’s grace in having made this error.

The Blessing Life is more than another 40 day church program – it is the core Christian lifestyle – join in and see!