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Acts 21: To Jerusalem and Death – Concurrence

Acts 8:1 Sovereign Through it All

Acts 7 A Path of Stones

Acts 6:5 Deacon’s Part 2

Are We There Yet?: Meditation on the deadliness of tedium

Tedium is a killer – big time:

Moderator of the EPC Ken Roberts on Suffering

What an honor to have the Moderator of General Assembly at our church and to hear the word preached with such passion.

Moderator Ken Roberts on Suffering

Romans 8:26-31 If God is For Us

Well another hurricane and another opportunity to trust God and grow in faith. Also another opportunity to see God order the preaching of His word. Sermons planned month in advance just keep matching real life needs. Amen!

Romans 8_26thru31 If God is For Us

One of my Heroes

I just love this guy. Being blessed by God doesn’t always take us where we want to go but if we are with him on that journey it is still a blessing: