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John Chapter 7 and the Dual Nature of Christ

Christ is BOTH human and divine.  It’s a really big deal.

The Crucifixion

The Crucifixion

Trying to grasp the gravity of God’s action on the Cross is very difficult.

Who is Jesus?

Luke the Gospel in action 12:54-13:9 “The End of the Sermon”

It’s the end of a sermon by Jesus and a message about the “main thing”.


Psalms of Jesus 3: Jesus in the Middle (Sort of)

This week’s reflection again launches out of Hebrews Chapter 1 into the Psalms then Adds Hebrews Chapter 2 and the book of Revelation:



Psalms of Jesus 1

Hebrews chapter 1 is an interesting collection of quotes from the book of Psalms.  I am using it as a guidebook to my advent series the “Psalms of Jesus”.  Maybe more appropriately called a three week series on Hebrews Chapter 1 but very Psalms heavy.


This week Jesus:  The Son of God