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John 3:1 -In the Dark of the Night


Grace is a Gift That Someone Paid For

The Divided Kingdom

Fist a man, then a wife, a family, 12 tribes, and eventually a kingdom.  All ripped asunder by sin:

Luke the Gospel in Action 10: 25 What Shall I Do?

And we keep finding other questions to ask….

Westminster Confession Week 10 – The Law and Freedom.


You may need a copy of the book of confessions to make sense of this study it can be found here

Westminster Confession Week 8 – Sanctification

Praise be to God for sanctification.  What a wonderful gift and doctrine!

Romans 8:1-4 No Condemnation

Fire the sound man (me). I lost the last two sermon files at the MP3 recorder but here is my opening sermon of eight on Romans Chapter 8:

Romans 8 1 thru 4 No Condemnation

Thought Provoker

When did my freedom become more important than God’s sovereignty? When did my works become equal to the Grace of God? How can God be all powerful but can’t make me do nothin’?