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John 3:1 -In the Dark of the Night


Grace is a Gift That Someone Paid For

The Divided Kingdom

Fist a man, then a wife, a family, 12 tribes, and eventually a kingdom.  All ripped asunder by sin:

Luke the Gospel in Action 10: 25 What Shall I Do?

And we keep finding other questions to ask….

Westminster Confession Week 10 – The Law and Freedom.


You may need a copy of the book of confessions to make sense of this study it can be found here

Westminster Confession Week 8 – Sanctification

Praise be to God for sanctification.  What a wonderful gift and doctrine!

Romans 8:1-4 No Condemnation

Fire the sound man (me). I lost the last two sermon files at the MP3 recorder but here is my opening sermon of eight on Romans Chapter 8:

Romans 8 1 thru 4 No Condemnation