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Introduction pt 2: Desire, Division, Divine Promise

Maybe I’ll get around to Micah this week!  Nope.  Oh the rich history of the Gospel come worship, listen, and by the Spirit grow!

Luke the Gospel in Action 16 Managers of the Kingdom

I often get uncomfortable when we start using business terms to talk about the church but this time it’s biblical.

Luke the Gospel in action 9:37: The Glory of God in a Fallen World

Last week’s message on “Confessing Christ” has so many audio issues I’m not uploading it.  However there is a significant review in this week’s message.  To God be the Glory!

Luke the Gospel in Action 6: Necessary Days

Another office production but the content is the same. “Necessary Days” is a phrase I picked up in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous I have no idea of its source and do not mean to steal anyone else’s ideas – frankly there is nothing new under the sun!

Hope you enjoy this message.Luke the Gospel in Action 6 Necessary Days

The Promised Gospel Romans Ch 1

sermon on the Promised Gospel   romans 1 the promised gospel