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Acts 8:1 Sovereign Through it All

Acts 4:23 Praying to a Sovereign Lord

Acts 1:12 The Failures Among Us

God is unfailing – we, well we’re not….

Westminster Confession Week 5: Sin and Covenant

It’s fun listening through (parts) of these lessons. This week I’m being rushed along as the praise team is playing in the sanctuary because I’ve run over on Sunday School. I have to say I like our new (old) schedule of Church first then Sunday School!
Hope you enjoy the lesson.

Church History Week 4: God, Creation, and His Decrees – Westminster Confession

Church History week 3 – Westminster Confession

Part Three of my Sunday School Series on Church History, the Reformation, and the Westminster Confession (yes the title evolves – lol) Week three is a look at the Trinity among other topics:

Playing Games with God

Listen to the end – the conclusion to the sermon was wrapped up during the introduction of the Lord’s Supper

Sermon: First Kings 19 “Not Yet: Not Even Close”

Sorry for delays in posting but my sound files would not post for several weeks but today they started working again!

:first kings 19 Not Yet

Sabbath Rest

After 11 years of taking Friday off I’ve switched my day off to Monday.  It feels strange to say the very least.  Sabbath is very important.  I think most people fail to recognize how important it is.  Sure they say, “I need a day off.” or they say “Thank goodness it’s Friday (unless they decide to break another commandment)”; but I think even then they are trivializing the serious need for unscheduled time.  

When it comes to Sabbath I’m a recreationalist; that is I believe it is a day for recreation, as rest too.  I worship God on Sunday just like everyone else except my seat is in the front but on my day “off”.  I do something entirely different, I work around the yard, spend time with my wife, or if time permits I go fishing.  Which I did this week.  

The day was gorgeous, the company was good, and the fish were somewhat agreeable.  I am refreshed and that is the idea for as scripture says the Sabbath was made for man not man for the Sabbath.  

So sisters and brothers – are you taking your Sabbath?  It is on God’s top ten list – you might want to rethink your response.Image

Is God the Final Answer?

Re-recorded (Monday Morning Quarterback version) of this weeks sermon:

40 Days week 6 Is God Your Final Answer