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Acts 8:1 Sovereign Through it All

Acts 4:23 Praying to a Sovereign Lord

Acts 1:12 The Failures Among Us

God is unfailing – we, well we’re not….

Westminster Confession Week 5: Sin and Covenant

It’s fun listening through (parts) of these lessons. This week I’m being rushed along as the praise team is playing in the sanctuary because I’ve run over on Sunday School. I have to say I like our new (old) schedule of Church first then Sunday School!
Hope you enjoy the lesson.

Church History Week 4: God, Creation, and His Decrees – Westminster Confession

Church History week 3 – Westminster Confession

Part Three of my Sunday School Series on Church History, the Reformation, and the Westminster Confession (yes the title evolves – lol) Week three is a look at the Trinity among other topics:

Playing Games with God

Listen to the end – the conclusion to the sermon was wrapped up during the introduction of the Lord’s Supper