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John 6:35 Where Will You God

Believe: The Church

What should we be doing as “the Church”?  There are so many answers to this question here are a very few.


Luke the Gospel in Action 12:35 Watching and Waiting

What should the Church be doing?  As a Christian what are my primary responsibilities?  These questions are approached in Luke 12:35 and following.

Luke 11:33 The Lamp of the Body

A slightly different take on “This Little Light of Mine”.

And I’m still “baring with” the sound crew.  Working on the static issue!

Playing Games with God

Listen to the end – the conclusion to the sermon was wrapped up during the introduction of the Lord’s Supper

Hebrews 12:13 Bitter Roots

A serious thought: God doesn’t owe us an explanation.

Hebrews 12_13 Bitter Roots

Early Reports are In and a shared Blessing

The 40 Days of Blessing are off to a powerful start. I think two groups have still to meet but we are on track to have over 50 people participate in small groups this week alone!

More groups can be formed and we do have extra copies of the book for those who would like to join in.

Yesterday I attended the funeral of a dear friend and a real pillar of the faith in my life. She was a true disciple. What a blessing to have known such a Christian as Kay! To celebrate her life in Christ was a powerful reminder to me of a season in which God chose to bless me and he did so powerfully through the actions of his Church at Canal Street Presbyterian.

Thank you Kay and all my brothers and sisters from Canal Street!