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Proud Pagan but Bad Historian

Oh how I wish I wrote down the exact bumper sticker! Yesterday I was driving along innocently when a “Proud to be Pagan” bumper sticker caught my eye, the next bumper sticker basically tried to say that Pagans supported freedom of religion only to be burned at the stake.

Boy is that just historically laughable. Freedom of religion is a Christian invention. Pagans ran Christians through the lions at the Coliseum, Pagans not only burned Christians at the stake but systematically killed them off for centuries. Pagans held crusades long before the term was invented. The Christians who pursued the Crusades were really recent converts from – pagan belief – barbarians.

We have plenty to repent about and the Church has repented publicly and will continue to do so but let’s not try and whitewash pagan history either. Burning babies, human sacrifice, wars, are all central parts of pagan history.

Sure in response Christians did some pretty horrible things but let’s not be historically ignorant. Long before Christians came along the worshipers of Baal were killing off the worshipers of Zeus, and Thor’s folks were killing off Apollo’s followers. Christianity did not eliminate war but they didn’t create it and there is a promise with the Christian faith that paganism will never offer:

Revelation 21:4
New International Version (NIV)
4 ‘He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”

Be a blessing to the world create 36″ of world peace around your body today. The problem in the world is not God it is humanity.

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40 Days of Blessing – Introductory Sermon

Here is the sermon from our introduction to the 40 Days of Blessing:

Introduction Message: 40 Days of Blessing

Monday Morning Quarterback (what I meant to say was…):

I meant to say (early in the message) – “That the Reformation was a transition from a theology of “Works Righteousness” – to a theology of dependence on Grace”. What I actually said was nearly the exact opposite. I will depend on God’s grace in having made this error.

The Blessing Life is more than another 40 day church program – it is the core Christian lifestyle – join in and see!