The Plan 2017: Generation to Generation

This message also subtitled “Are we extremists?” grapples with the issue of sharing the faith today.  Are we in a unique point of history?  Many fear this is the generation of Americans who will “leave the Church”.  What if we never had them?  So many questions but the plan – what is the plan?  listen on.


John 18:1 Arresting and Denying Jesus

John 17 Connections: Prayer

Our daily connection to God is the act of prayer

John 16:17 Connections: Grief into Joy

Life is a challenge.  Jesus was not blind to the harsh realities of life, yet he promised his disciples (and I believe us) that grief would turn to Joy.  Our Joy is complete in him alone.


John 14-16 Connections: The Holy Spirit

In which I jump back and forth through several chapters of the Bible!

Gospel of John 15:1 Deepening Conections

John 14:11 Connections