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Romans 18:9 Justification by Faith

Luke the Gospel in action 18:1 – Prayer Part 2: Pray Like A Widow Woman

This sermon was shaped by a fishing tournament the day before.  Full details of that have been posted at  Preacher watch what you plan to preach because a perfect illustration just might come -lol.  Truly though we often pray best coming out of some form of struggle:


Luke the Gospel in Action 16:19 Hell and the Rich Man

The story of Lazarus and the Rich Man is an interesting lesson for us all:

Luke the Gospel in Action 16 Managers of the Kingdom

I often get uncomfortable when we start using business terms to talk about the church but this time it’s biblical.

Luke The Gospel in Action 15: Lost Sheep, Lost Coins, Lost People

Sometimes my fishing tournaments work their way into my sermons!

You are cared for by God, you are a treasure to God, and God has gone to great lengths to establish you as his child!


Luke the Gospel in Action 14 Sunday Lunch and the Kingdom Feast

Luke the Gospel in Action 13:22 The Narrow Door

The imperative of missions, the fallacy of the broad path.