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Early Reports are In and a shared Blessing

The 40 Days of Blessing are off to a powerful start. I think two groups have still to meet but we are on track to have over 50 people participate in small groups this week alone!

More groups can be formed and we do have extra copies of the book for those who would like to join in.

Yesterday I attended the funeral of a dear friend and a real pillar of the faith in my life. She was a true disciple. What a blessing to have known such a Christian as Kay! To celebrate her life in Christ was a powerful reminder to me of a season in which God chose to bless me and he did so powerfully through the actions of his Church at Canal Street Presbyterian.

Thank you Kay and all my brothers and sisters from Canal Street!

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Do Something Fridays

Today’s 40 Days of Blessing devotion reminds us that the church is supposed to do good!

A shocking revelation!

What is our problem? I think world peace, poverty, homelessness, and sin just overwhelm our thinking and we tend to just turn away and focus on being nice people instead. Why not just do something? Even a little something – is something!

So today I’m encouraging my small group to bring canned goods, I’ll deliver them to the food pantry next week. Why don’t all of you take a little time today and schedule a stop at the food pantry, drop off a can, two cans, maybe some diswasher powder – something.

After all a lot of little somethings can add up! Try this experiment.

Take out a calculator, type in the number 1 multiply it by two, then multiply by two, and then multiply by two – and so on and so on….

How long did it take to get to a million? A little something can grow if we all do it.

God Bless you today – now go do something for Jesus’ sake.