Romans 18:9 Justification by Faith

Romans 1:18 – Lesson 2

This is mostly an in house presentation of our Sunday School for some out of town members.  We are working out of John Stott Bible Studies series  Romans:  Encountering the Gospel’s Power.


Luke the Gospel in action 18:1 – Prayer Part 2: Pray Like A Widow Woman

This sermon was shaped by a fishing tournament the day before.  Full details of that have been posted at  Preacher watch what you plan to preach because a perfect illustration just might come -lol.  Truly though we often pray best coming out of some form of struggle:



A rare topical sermon on Prayer!


Great memory


Luke the Gospel in Action 16:19 Hell and the Rich Man

The story of Lazarus and the Rich Man is an interesting lesson for us all:

Luke the Gospel in Action 16 Managers of the Kingdom

I often get uncomfortable when we start using business terms to talk about the church but this time it’s biblical.


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