Esther: The Roll of the Dice

Innocent gambling?

Daniel and His Amazing Friends

How Do We Live In Times Like These

It’s an age old question.  It’s been asked over and over again in many different ways.  Classically the question is, “How then shall I live?”  The answer is old too.  It’s relatively simply answered. Yet there is a depth and richness to the answer that begs us to think, pray, and meditate upon the Lord.  This sermon brings forth my best thoughts on scripture’s answer to the question.

No King but King Jesus

Again this series is part of a Church wide curriculum package so you may have actually heard similar sermons somewhere.  The outline is not my own.  But the theological concerns, biblical study, and conclusions are all very much my work with the scriptures.  All that said this is a very timely message in the life of our country.

Messages to the Northern Kingdom – Dr. Chad Young

The Divided Kingdom

Fist a man, then a wife, a family, 12 tribes, and eventually a kingdom.  All ripped asunder by sin:

Solomon’s Story


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