Fruit of the Spirit 4: Kindness and Goodness

Alternate Route to Church on the 10th of August

Not this Sunday but on August 10th we will have to reroute to worship due to an even down town:


Christian Living Series: Fruit of the Spirit Part 3

Christian Living: Fruit of the Spirit pt 2

muddling through the meaning of the word Love.  

Christian Living: Fruit of the Spirit 1

An introduction to the Fruit of the Spirit starting with background material at Galatians 5:1

Christian Living (a topical series): the Beginning

discussions of the creation of the church and the beginning of your faith

Luke the Gospel in Action 20:27 Our Future in Heaven

I upset my wife a good bit with this one.  One note:  I’m not saying that families and friends will not recognize each other in Heaven but I am saying that Heaven is not earth, it’s not like earth, it’s not a version of earth.  In heaven we will have an entirely new existence.  What mattered to us on earth will likely seem quite trivial.


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